My Top 10 Images of 2017

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for the lack of blogs over the last year. 2017 was a year that in all honesty I was glad to see the end of due to the loss of my father and with that I lost a lot of my passion for photography...

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Exploring The Isle of Harris

The Isle of Harris is a place of great wonder for me. When you’re there you feel cut off from the world and very far away from the bustle of day-to-day life. The Isle of Harris can be found in the far northwest of Scotland in an area known as the Outer Hebrides. It’s not an island itself, as it is connected to the Isle of Lewis, which can be found further in the north. I first fell in love with Harris back in March 2016 after being hired to go over there for work.

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I'm On The Glenlivet Whisky Homepage!

Last year I worked with The Glenlivet & PHIX to create a time-lapse film of the beautiful surrounding countryside of the distillery. The full film is yet to be released so I can't show too much but what I can show is the new Glenlivet website where they've turned 2 of the time-lapse clips into GIF's and added them to the Homepage & Enjoy section.

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Tips For Photographing Waterfalls

Waterfalls are a very popular subject to capture for the avid landscape photographer, there’s something about their beauty that always attracts photographers from all over the year whether that’s a small waterfall or one of the biggest natural wonders in the world. They are personally my favourite subject to photograph and spend hours maybe days searching for them on my travels.

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Night Sky At Portencross

Quick edit from last nights time-lapse session down at Portencross. The stars were pretty visible for the first couple of hours but with the moon rising in the east and incoming clouds I was only able to get one time-lapse shot but I'm really happy with what I got.

This shot was taken after I had finished the time-lapse and was getting ready to go back to my car. I really like that you can see the stars reflected in the pool of water.

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Vlog Video 002 - 2013 Trip To Iceland

I'm going to start creating more vlogs on my YouTube channel, show what happens behind the scenes and my daily life as a photographer. In my second episode I take you back to 2013 when I visited Iceland. The footage was sitting on my hard drive gathering dust and I've always wanted to put it on there on youtube, so here it is!

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The Shepherds of the Forest

JRR Tolkien has been an inspiration in my life since my years back in primary school when I was first told about a Hobbit that lived in a hole in the ground. Not too long after that the first of the Lord of the Rings films was released and after seeing it I was completely hooked! Fast forward to now and I'm still hooked on the world that Tolkien created, a world full of beauty, heroism and magical wonder.

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