The Doors of Stykkishólmur

I never thought that doors would have so much character until I visited the lovely fishing village of Stykkish√≥lmur found on the Sn√¶fellsnes peninsula in Iceland. I hadn't previously visited this village before so didn't really know what to expect but driving in I saw that this village wasn't your regular dwelling where everything looked the same. The place was overrun with character! Each house had its own design, its own colour scheme and the doors were what really grabbed my attention. I don't know why but I was fascinated with them, each was different from the last and all had their own style as if you weren't allowed to have two doors the same here. 

After walking around for 30 minutes (I didn't have much time as I was working and also the rain was starting to come in) I began to collect a series of images that I felt complimented each other but also told its own story. Like who lives here, what's the building used for and why did they choose this particular design? This is why you only see the door and not much else, I wanted only the door to reflect on the people here and the door itself as the buildings themselves were all different sizes and that would have taken away what I was going for. I photographed more than what is shown below but felt the six doors presented summed up nicely the overall feeling of what I saw walking around this quaint fishing village.