The Galloway Hills

I believe the Galloway Hills is the most beautiful area in Southern Scotland, nestled away in the west it's hidden away from the main roads making it very quiet and not full of tourists. Where my parents live their sunroom looks directly at the Galloway Hills which at this time of year look spectacular! The Autumn colours are in full swing at the moment, the contrasting colours between the Birch, Oak and Scots Pine really stand out to make the image below really pop out.

Getting the exposure right on the image below took awhile. The sun had completely disappeared but there was this really nice cloud formation that I just had to photograph. But the main element I wanted to show in this image was "farm-life", with so much land in the UK that is farmed to produce food on our plates it's nice to try and incorporate this into my work. As you can see there are sheep in the fields and theres a light on at the farm, most people would either photoshop these out or go somewhere so they don't have to get it their shot, but not me! :)