Spending Time With A Goosander

While I was out the other week at my local river I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph a friendly Goosander for a couple of hours. This was the first time I have ever photographed one of these birds before and it was a huge joy to capture something new. This Goosander is part of a large family in the river which I'm going to try and document in the coming weeks. After a week of trying to get some decent images of the birds these were the best I could come up with as it seemed they have moved further up the river or onto somewhere else.


One of the shots I really wanted to get of them was one diving under the water, this was harder than I thought as you had to read the expression of the Goosander to figure out what its mannerisms are just before it dives as will be the indication for you to push the shutter button and fire off a few frames. The above image is my favourite as it shows the Goosanders head penetrate the water just before it goes under the water.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any shots of the family together as none of the images I took looked photographically pleasing, but it was great to be able to photograph something different for a change which is always a great feeling as you tick another subject off the wildlife list! :)