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Review: Stealth Gear Wide Range Filter System

Stealth Gear are a brand that are going up and higher in the world of photography. Their varied products are made with the professional in mind but affordable for an amateur. If you look through my website you'll see I've reviewed products made by them in the past like their clothing line and hides which have served me well for the last couple of years. As some of you may know I'm sponsored by Stealth Gear but I'm also one of the UK Ambassador's as well. Due to me being sponsored by Stealth Gear does that mean this review will biased to help them sell more productd? No! My reviews are always honest and if there is something about the product I'm not happy with I will say so as it helps the companies learn how to better their products to suit the needs of the photographer.

In this review I'll be looking at Stealth Gears Wide Angle Pro Filter Holder and their landscape filter kit. Stealth Gear also have a coin p Style filter which is suited more to the amateur photographer due to it vignetting on lens smaller than 35mm. But their wide angle filter system is too be used with 100mm filters which is the norm for professionals as they give you the ability to shoot with wide-angle lenses.


The first thing I noticed about the filter was it's weight, it's very light. It's made out of plastic but doesn't look cheap. With the holder you receive two sets of filter retainers, one that can holder two filters and one that can hold three. By easily unscrewing the small screws you can quickly change the amount of filters you can hold on your setup. Like I said earlier this filter is to be used with 100mm filters so if you already own filters made by Lee, Hitech, Cokin and many more they will fit into this system which can be very handy. But in this review I'll be looking at The Landscape Kit which came with the holder, this includes; A Square Polarizer, Graduated ND 0.6 and a Graduated Sunset filter. Stealth Gear also supply the adaptor rings required to attach the holder to your lens, these adaptor rings are available in sizes from 49mm to 82mm and they also make them for specific lenses which include the Canon 16-35mm and Nikon 12-24mm.

How Does It Fit On?

After screwing on the correct adaptor ring you easily place the holder on to the ring by pulling out the lever, pushing the holder and then releasing it for a snug fit. I found the catch works well in securing the holder. It would be very hard to fall off when you're working with it unless you snag the catch on something while walking. You can also rotate the holder making it easy to compose the filter in the correct position.


How Do You Insert The Filters?

As mentioned earlier you have the option to insert 2 filters or 3. I personally only use 2 filters at a time. You slide the filters in from the top where they lock in to the holder. From here you can carefully slide them up and down so you can compose where you want the filter to have its desired effect.

How Are The Filters?

I received their Landscape kit and main filters I would be using on a daily basis would be their Graduated 0.6 ND filter and their Polarizering filter. Both are made out of organic materials so they are to a high quality standard resulting in very little colour casting. While using the filters I have not see any colour casts on my images, as you can tell with the image below the filters can create beautiful exposures of high dynamic scenes like you would find during a sunset/sunrise.


How Is The 10 Stop Filter?

If you follow my work then you must know that I'm fond of creating very long exposures with my landscape work. It can be very tricky to get the exposure right and if the filter isn't designed properly light can leak into your images and ruining your shot. As you can see from the image below this filter works brilliantly and definitely doesn't affect the sharpness of the image. I'm going to be going into more detail on using 10 Stop filters at a later point on my blog.



I've been using the Stealth Gear Wide Range Filter System for over 3 months now and it's worked great! It's made to a high standard with the professional in mind but at the budget of an amateur.  With the option of having 2 filters or 3 is very handy as some people like to use more than others. Applying the holder onto your lens is quick and easy with the spring-loaded catch you can have everything setup in a matter of seconds! One thing that I feel is missing is the ability to add a circular polarizer into the holder, a drop in polarizer probably wouldn't smoothly and it could be a bit awkward when adjusting it. I know you can get circular polarizers that screw into the front of the holder, if Stealth Gear added something like this in the future it would be a great addition and it could make their holder one of the best on the market. Overall I've really enjoyed using this filter system, the filters are great and I haven't had any issues with. I will be soon reviewing Lucroit's 100mm filter system so it will be good to see how match up together. Make sure to watch my video review at the top of the page.

Where To Buy: Marchwood Are The Best Distributor In The UK.

Stealth Gear's Website: Wide Range Filter System

Stealth Gear's Shop: Click Here

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