Review: Stealth Gear Ultimate Freedom Clothing Range

In this review I'm going to look at Stealth Gear's amazing new range of clothing: "The Ultimate Freedom Collection". Make sure to watch my video at the top of this page!

Stealth Gear have been making some incredible products for photographers over the last few years and I feel their new range of outdoor clothing really shows that. As some of you may know I am actually the UK Ambassador for Stealth Gear and I've been testing their products over the last couple of years. I first reviewed their Extreme range of clothing and you can CLICK HERE to see the review of it. The Ultimate Freedom collection comprises of three essential pieces of outdoor clothing: the Condor jacket/vest, Kingfisher Fleece and the Falcon trousers. As a photographer a demand high quality gear when I'm working out in the field, I use professional equipment to get the images that I want, I need gear that I can rely on and the same thing applies to clothing that I wear. I want my gear to be able to handle any conditions that I throw at it but I also want to be comfortable when working on my projects and I believe Stealth Gear offer that with their clothing.

As the UK Ambassador I am not biased towards their products, I work with them and help them improve products for future lines so when I first get their clothing my goal is too push it and see how much it can take.

Condor Jacket Vest


Their new Jacket/vest has been vastly improved compared to their last jacket with new zippers and they've made it a lot lighter by using better materials and removing the outside pockets that featured on the Extreme jacket. The new jacket is a multi season jacket and is completely wind and waterproof. I've already had it in some heavy rain and I was impressed with how well it worked. With the old jacket I absolutely hated the hood as it was attached by press studs and it would easily come off, that's not the case with the new hood as it is zipped in which is brilliant! One feature that I wasn't expecting but really liked was the ability to be able to unzip the arms turning the jacket into a vest. This is great for hot days when you don't want to take the jacket off but get some ventilation through your arms.

Features:- Lightweight material- windproof- waterproof- improved zippers- removable sleeves- removable hood - improved press studs - taped seems

Kingfisher Fleece


This is the only fleece I've ever used from Stealth Gear so I wasn't able to compare to the previous model but as soon as I put it on I already loved it. Just like the jacket the Kingfisher fleece has been improved with better zippers and redesigned with a new design that looks great. The jacket is wind and waterproof so it can be used in all seasons. Over the last few months during the summer I've found it very comfortable wearing just the fleece and a t-shirt underneath.

Features: - Lightweight material - improved zippers - wind and waterproof - improved press studs - taped seems

Falcon Trousers


The Falcon trousers are amazing! Just like with the Condor jacket, Stealth Gear have made these trousers a lot lighter, more slim-lined by removing a couple of the pockets and the material is a lot more stronger. The trousers are completely wind and waterproof with new and improved zippers. The Falcon trousers feature 6 pockets; 4 on the front and 2 on the back. These are ideal for carrying small accessories such as your phone, memory cards and wallet. They still have the removable knee pads which I've always found really handy for getting low down in uncomfortable situations where your knees could get soar. A lovely pair of trousers for anyone that enjoys the outdoors.

Features:- windproof- waterproof- 6 pockets- knee pads- improved zippers- improved press studs


So in conclusion of my review I truly believe that this new range of clothing from Stealth Gear is their best yet. They've really listened to the photographers and customers that have worn their clothing in the past so they could use that information when developing this range. The range really benefits everyone, the quality is ten times better, the design is a lot more sleeker and they've made the clothing a bit more minimal which I found a lot better as less is more with jackets these days. With the jacket I was surprised that they had removed the pockets which held in the lenses when walking but I'm glad they did this as I was hardly using them on the old jacket as all my gear is kept in my F-Stop Loka bag. Overall the one thing I've noticed with the Ultimate Freedom collection is how tough the material is, I've been using the clothing for the last 4 months and I've taken it all around Scotland. On mountain tops, through rivers, climbing rocks to get the shot and it didn't flinch once. I don't like having to restrict myself when taking photos due to being worried about whether I'll rip or damage the clothing so if I spend a lot of money on clothing I want it to be durable and not have to worry about it all the time. I hope you have enjoyed this review. Make sure to check out the links below to see and purchase Stealth Gear's products.

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