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Review: Light Craft Workshop Digi Pro HD Fader ND Filter

As landscape photographers, one crucial bit of equipment we all carry around in our bags are filters primarily Neutral Density filters. These filters are great for creating long exposures when you're after a particular creative style like the mist effect on waterfalls that you see everywhere. With square or circular Neutral Density filters they only come in the one desired size e.g 0.6, 0.9, ND4, ND8. Now what if I told you that you could combine all these filters into one? Yes it is possible thanks to the guys at Light Craft Workshop as they have made quite a few variable ND filters to cater for photographers and filmmakers. Today I will be looking at the Digi Pro HD variable filter. The amount of stops of light you can cut out depends on the focal length with a range of ND2 to ND1000 (subject to focal length of the lens, normal usable range at ND 2 to ND400~450). So basically to get the most out of this filter you need to be using focal lengths above 35mm but when I was testing it I was shooting at 24mm which still blocked out quite a lot of light.

Photo 22-01-2013 03 46 05 PM_800px
Photo 22-01-2013 03 46 05 PM_800px

The fader ND Digi Pro-HD has a small handle to allow you to easily move it for a precise rotation. I found the handle to be very helpful when wanting to slightly adjust the amount of light coming through the lens as with other filters you have to touch the ring and if you are not careful you could miss and put a nasty fingerprint or dirt onto the filter which you don't want to do. The filter is available in many sizes to fit your lenses from 37mm to 86mm, I got the 77mm size as this is the standard with most professional Nikon lenses. The filter is also great for filmmakers when wanting to keep the aperture low and the shutter speed around the desired number. I'll be going into using this filter for video at a later date so make sure to check back at the blog in a couple of months.

Product Highlights

  • 0.3-3.0 Variable Neutral Density Filter
  • Increase Exposure by 1 to 10 Stops
  • Matte Filter Ring Reduces Reflections
  • Filter Handle for Easier Rotation
  • Optical Glass Construction


  • Smooth exposure adjustment from minimun to maximun.
  • Handle for precise movement.
  • No loss of sharpness or any colour casting on the images.


  • When adjusting to the maximun, an x shape can appear on your images which can be a pain but can be fixed by dialling it back.


I believe this is a great tool for many different photographers especially landscape photographers due to the flexibility in controlling the light that comes through the filter. I've spent the last few months using the fader filter and I've had no problems with, only when I put it near the maximun that I see the black X which can be a pain at times if you were requiring a certain shutter speed.

Below are a few images created using the LCW Fader Digi Pro HD.

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