Project: Mother Roe II

It's official! Mother Roe has had twins and here they are, looking fit and well fed. That evening (12/6/2012) I spent 6 hours in my hide waiting the Roe Deer to come out from the forest, not knowing if she was going to turn up left doubt in my mind that this project wouldn't work but I wanted to try anyway as I was still confident that this was the field she would hide the fawns during the day.

5 hours in, getting eaten alive by midges and I had still not seen any sign of any Roe Deer but just when I had nearly given up all hope a Roe Doe came over the ridge to far right. She was on her own, my eyes were looking everywhere for the fawns but I couldn't see them anywhere. She slowly started moving across and after about 50 yards she stopped on top of one of the ridges looking across the field as if she was trying to find something...

From nowhere two young fawns popped up from the grass, they were around 150 yards from me running, jumping and bouncing towards their mother in glee. As soon as they reached her they were suckling beneath her trying to get as much milk as possible as it was probably hours since they had last been fed. I didn't get a clear shot of them suckling due to the grass and bracken in front of them.

This was a beautiful moment for me to witness, I thought it would take weeks to be able to see this for myself. I didn't get the shots I exactly wanted but I did get to see one of natures beautiful wonders. This moment was short lived as after about 10 minutes of the fawns getting up they all started moving down the field and then were hidden from sight by a small hill and that was the last time I saw them for the rest of the evening.

I'm still very confident that I will get the shots that I want, I will just have to be persistent and patient. There are quite a few Roe Deer in this area which includes quite a few Bucks, I did find two Bucks within 1 mile of where Mother Roe and the kids were. Could one of these be their father? There's no way of knowing but I would like to think it's possible.

I'll be going again to see the family sometime this week, keep checking my blog for new updates on their progress. :)