Project: Mother Roe

I believe that setting ourselves projects makes us more committed to the subject so that we capture a larger documentary of their lives. By focusing on one subject for a long period of time rather than just going a few times we then really start to learn in-depth what this animal does on a daily basis. I really enjoy photographing Roe Deer, I've never had much luck capturing them on camera but this year I wanted to change that.

A site that I've been working on for years is now finally paying off, after learning everything about where the Deer feed, where they usually are during the evening/morning time and finding a good place to set my camera up to get the best shot. My goal is get some really nice shots of the Roe Deer in this area but my main goal is to document the life of the Roe Doe in all the images shown. Why? Well a week before my Dad had told me that he was positive that the Doe had given birth to a fawn somewhere in the field.

I couldn't say no to an opportunity like this so last Monday (28/05/12) I went out in the late evening to see if I could find her and possibly get a shot of her with the fawn. After about 20 minutes of me arriving there she appeared in the field about 100 yards from me, unfortunately the fawn wasn't with her. Usually Roe will hide the fawn in a safe place to protect them from predators. The Mother was getting ever so close to me, I was worried she would pick up my scent as the wind direction kept changing which makes it 10 times harder to photograph Deer due to their amazing sense of smell. She spent about 10 minutes in a good enough position for me get a few shots of her, I would have preferred her to be a lot closer but I'll hopefully get more shots in the next few weeks. She then started to walk back to other side of the field where she stood against a stone dyke as if she was looking for something...

A baby fawn popped up behind her from nowhere! I was ecstatic, knowing that she had given birth to a young fawn made the experience more personal. They both started to slowly run along the stone dyke until out of sight and that was the last time I saw them during the night.

My aim during this project is to document the lives of this Mother and daughter, capture the love and bond that they both share. Usually Roe Deer have twins but I didn't see a second fawn which was a shame but you never know! I'll be writing regular blogs over the next few months showing their progress so make sure to keep checking my blog for their latest updates!