New Beginnings

If you're following me on Twitter you may already know that I moved to Scotland 2 weeks ago. It was something my girlfriend and I have wanted to do for about 2 years now and it's an amazing feeling knowing that we have now done it at only the age of 21! :) My family have lived in Scotland for about 5 years now and as soon as we first came here I've always wanted to move up because I love Scotland so much. For next month or so I'm going to be a bit quiet with my photography as I'm having to work a bit more to pay for bills etc but once we're settled in I can get back into being fully focused on my photography and getting about their to record the beauty of Scotland's wildlife.

While we were moving up I stayed at my parents house for a few days so I thought make use of my time there and get out with the camera and test out my new lens I had the week before: a Nikon 600mm f/4 II (non VR). My parents get all kinds of wildlife in their garden so I don't usually have to walk far to see a huge variety of garden birds. I spent about 6 hours just sat in their garden just watching and photographing all the different garden birds coming in to feed. Here are a few of the shots that I got but I will be showing more in the next few weeks :)