My Top 5 Wildlife Photography Books

Christmas is almost upon us! So I thought I'd write a quick blog showcasing my Top 5 books that I feel every wildlife photographer should add to their Christmas list. After reading Peter Cairn's blog post: Empty Coffee Tables  I started to notice the lack of new coffee table books by wildlife photographers as most people are turning to ebooks, these look great on your iPad or other device but there's nothing better than having a well-printed large book on your lap with a good cup of tea. So here's a few of my favourite books that I own, if you haven't got any of these books I would recommend you buy them now as they make great reading and the images are visually stunning! If there are any books you wouldn't live without please feel free to leave a comment and let me know! :)

These are listed in no particular order.

White Nature by Vincent Munier

Concepts Of Nature by Andy Rouse

Between The Wingtips by Brutus Ostling

The Invisible Wildlife Photographer by Bence Máté

Wild Wonders Of Europe