Image Of The Week: I

As I have changed everything on my website I thought it was time to add something new to my weekly blog posts, every week I will post one image from archives as my 'Image Of The Week'. The photograph may have been taken that very week or 2 years ago,  there is no theme just images that have caught my attention that week. This shot of the Black-Headed Gull was taken this week at my local beach in Ayr, Scotland. My main goal that day was to capture the different Gulls in the area whilst they are flying at high speeds whether that was in the sky or coming into land. I wanted to practice my skills at photographing birds at high speeds as I felt I was getting a bit rusty and with photography there is always room for improvement.

What I was trying to get out of the day was some really nice full-frame shots of Gulls flying, tracking the birds whilst they were far away and then I would keep up with them until they were close enough for me to get a shot. After a few hours of being there it started to rain but I didn't leave as I thought it would be a good opportunity to test out the raincover I was testing/reviewing for Wildlife Watching Supplies. The Gull in shot would circle above me, I'm not sure why (maybe he thought I had some bread or something haha) but what really grabbed my attention with this shot was the fact that he looked straight towards the camera while above me.

Gear Used

Nikon D3, Nikon AF-S 600mm f/4 II, Wimberley Sidemount, Gitzo GT3541LS Tripod