A Breath Of Fresh Ayr!

I love the Ayrshire coastline, it offers some of the best opportunities in the country to capture beautiful images of the landscape and the soul of the area. The images below were captured in one evenings worth of photography, the light was beautiful while the sun was setting behind the Isle of Arran. I spent around an hour walking up and down the beach before the sun had set so I could frame up the shots I wanted. Having the shots ready before the appropriate light is key for creating beautiful landscape images and prevents you from panicking and running around the beach trying to set up the shot.


I spent around 45 minutes photographing the sun setting and I ended up capturing some of my favourite landscape images to date! To get the right exposure I used a Cokin ND filter to darken the sky so the image can be correctly exposed. When I go out to do seascapes I always try to have some form of natural element in the foreground to let the viewers eye wonder around the photograph which also gives more depth to the image.

Moving to Scotland was one of the best decisions my girlfriend and I have ever made, Scotland is one of the most beautiful places on planet and these amazing views you see in these images were all taken 5 minutes from where we live.