The Shepherds of the Forest

JRR Tolkien has been an inspiration in my life since my years back in primary school when I was first told about a Hobbit that lived in a hole in the ground. Not too long after that the first of the Lord of the Rings films was released and after seeing it I was completely hooked! Fast forward to now and I'm still hooked on the world that Tolkien created, a world full of beauty, heroism and magical wonder. The beautiful landscapes of New Zealand that Peter Jackson used as a backdrop for his films really gave you an insight into the beauty of this world and what it could possibly look like. One aspect that I enjoyed reading about were the Ents, giant trees that talked and moved around the forests. These Ents would look after everything that dwelled in the forests and kept an eye on everything. 

I've always enjoyed photographing trees and I try to capture them in different ways to show trees in a different light than what you would usually see. Using the light to tell a story of the trees can be difficult but once the light plays into your favour it can be very rewarding. Instead of photographing them as a whole I try to focus on the details, isolating small areas and seeing what interesting compositions I can create. These images were all taken around the Galloway Forest, an area that I try to visit as much as I can due to the sheer beauty and peacefulness of the place. I felt editing these images into black and white looked a lot better then when they were in colour, the harsh blacks help isolate the small details and really bring the viewer to look closer at the image.

These images are available as prints so please feel free to contact me so I can quote you a price.