As visual story tellers we rely on great imagery and great light. It’s our job to capture that for you in a way that inspires and draws your viewers in. Utilizing the latest in imaging capture technology, we’ll take your idea and make it a reality.

All of my work is available for licensing and I’m also available for any freelance work, please feel free to send me an email over for rates and any questions you may have. My work has been sold to a few companies already but my biggest achievement was seeing my work used in the latest ITV Ray Mear’s television show: Wilderness Walks.

My time-lapse footage is shot with high quality equipment and I also use motorised sliders to add a 3-Dimensional feel to my shots. I can shoot footage up to a resolution of 6K which is 9 times more detailed than Full HD (1080P). Now with 4K TV’s hitting the shelves in major shops around the world, clients are after high quality time-lapse footage to showcase the amazing detail that these televisions can put out there, this is where I come in!

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